Getting Gorgeous with Glassware

Why glass dinnerware will be an artistic addition into your home - read about durability, style and choosing the right glassware for your household

Why Glass Dinnerware Will Be An Artistic Addition Into Your Home

High quality, high-end glassware is a form of art. Each detail intentionally designed to look pleasing and artistic. This is what makes people crazy about their kitchenware and compels them to add new funky items into their collection. 

Tableware and glassware are essentials for any home, bar, or restaurant. The plates, cups, and bowls used to serve meals make a statement of the owner, they improve your food presentation, and set the tone for guests and parties. 

Having bright, colourful plates gives the impression of a casual and fun meal, while fine glassware is a hallmark of something a little more upscale and special. When buying dinnerware, there are a few things to consider and look out for. 

Do you want to add a touch of fine artistry to your kitchen?

Glass dinnerware is super fine crockery crafted to be thinner and lighter in composure, made to look highly artistic and classic. Mostly glass is made into neat edges and curves that suit the whole vibe of glass kitchenware. 

Tempered glass plates are an ideal fit for daily use. You can entertain any range of guests with these kitchen sets. You’ll be proud to show off your crockery in front of everyone. 

Is glass dinnerware long-lasting?

Glass dinnerware is mostly fired at an ultra-high temperature; therefore it is nonporous and highly durable. This glass dinnerware is strong and has a gloss lamination which enhances quality and shine. 

This glass won't break when implementing care, even throughout continued use, and it is highly durable.

Spice up evening drinks with friends

With durability in mind, why not use your new glassware as an excuse to host a drinks soiree with friends? Alternatively, embellish a dinner party with glassware that’s as special as your friendship group. After all, it’s been a long dry spell of no social interaction. Set the tone by using glassware as exciting as in a favourite bar.

Use glass dinnerware as decorative items!

Glassware is beautiful and versatile. It can be used to serve up starters, snacks, or your main meals, but you can also use them as decorative pieces.

Our Calypso Irregular bowls come in sets of 3, and they are a wonderful way of displaying fresh fruit – both practical and gorgeous. Fill one with seasonal pot-pourri for a beautiful addition to your room. Alternatively, they look amazing when used as jewellery vessel.

The golden rims are decorative and special, the glass bowls can be displayed upon tabletops with floral items in them, as beautiful ornamentation.

These are a few things that highlight the adaptivity of contemporary glass décor to zest up your household. These highly durable kitchen sets are made to last in your house, through children, clumsy friends, for years. Their sparkle won't dull out in all that time.

Here at G Decor, we source only the highest quality glassware, each designed to perfection, to upgrade your living space.